Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Where are the goldfish?

So I found this on Facebook and had to make one just like it. Except it needed some red to fit into my bathroom. And I wanted more than one fish. And since I still have to paint the kitchen, and my garden is looking pretty neglected, too, I didn't take the time to plan things very well. 
The goldfish are a stencil I had kicking around, and the rest is just unmarked free-motion quilting. I am not too happy with the end result, but sitting in the bathtub without my glasses they did look not that bad......

Sur Facebook j'ai trouvé cette inspiration. Ma version est moins reussi, mais quand je la regarde assis dans mon bain (donc sans lunettes) elle me plaît tout de même.

Dieses Foto ist die Inspiration für meinen Wandbehang. Die Goldfische sind eine Schablone, und der Rest ist nur frei-hand quilten.


  1. you did a lovely job. good use of colour for those bold fish. What a fun thing to do. When I was in Vegas in January, I bought a cookie cutter shaped like a donkey, that would be a good outline to use for a similar project. Thanks for the idea.