Tuesday, 8 October 2013


Last week I needed a hand quilting project to take to a presentation. Stumbling across a remnant of blue cotton just big enough for four place mats I googled for some Sashiko patterns and this is the result.  While I think they are very nice I found them to have taken quite some time to finish, and the force needed to pull through the thread (no. 20 crochet thread if my memory serves- lost the ball band) was hard on my finger joints. Sometime I'll try to quilt these patterns with a machine to see how that will look.

La semaine passé j'avait besoin d'un projet à travailler à main pour une présentation. J'avait mis la main sur une retaille de coton juste assez grande pour quatre napperons, et Google m'a fourni des images de Sashiko. Voici le resultat.
Bien que j'aime le resultat j'ai trouvé que c'est une technique qui prend un certain temps. Aussi elle demande l'utilisation d'un fil assez épais (j'ai utilisé du fil à crocheter no. 20), ce qui est dur sur les joints des doigts. 

Letzte Woche brauchte ich eine Handarbeit für eine Vorführung, und wurde durch einen Stoffrest angeregt endlich einmal ein Sashiko Projekt zu machen. 
Wenn auch die fertigen Platzdeckchen sehr nett sind fand ich doch daß sie vergleichsweise lange brauchten, und den großen Faden (Häkelgarn aus Baumwolle Nummer 20), den diese Technik erfordert, durch den Stoff zu ziehen tat meinen Fingergelenken weh.


  1. now you make me think about the books and supplies I have for learning Sashiko too. It might be a winter project....
    in stitches

  2. It has been a few years since I experimented with sashiko... I seem to recall using dmc or similar brand embroidery cotton (3threads) I would think crochet cotton would be hard to pull through because it is not as smooth as embroidery cotton, or if you want a bit thicker thread, try perl cotton, it too is for embroidery and smooth to pull through.

    Even so, you have done a great job of it!

  3. BtW love the converters for temp and distance that are on your sidebar, very useful!!

  4. Way to go, Regina! The sashiko looks great!

  5. Lovely work, but do I understand that you quilted these sashiko stitches?