Thursday, 13 February 2014

We are experiencing technical difficulties ....

(thankfully only with our computers, the sewing machines are okay) so I just post this picture of a crocheted rug made from fabric strips with a cat sitting under it - don't ask me why. 

Nous avons des difficultés techniques (heureusement juste avec les ordinateurs, les machines à coudre ont l'air correctes) alors je ne poste qu'une image d'un tapis que j'avais crocheté avec des lisières de tissu. Il y a un chat assis en dessous, ne me demandez pas pourquoi.

Wir haben technische Schwierigkeiten (nur mit unseren Komputern,, die Nähmaschinen scheinen in Ordnung zu sein), daher zeige ich nur ein Foto eines mit Stoffstreifen gehäkelten Teppichs unter dem eine Katze sitzt - keine Ahnung warum.


  1. Aren't cats funny little characters , if you wanted it under that mat it wouldnt go ;-) Sorry you are having some technical difficulties , hope they get sorted out quickly.

  2. Happy Valentine's Day, Regina! Thanks for sharing this cute picture of a cat on a mat on a cat. Hope your computer problems are only temporary!

  3. I adore the rug. The fact that a cat is hiding under it and another cat is sitting on the rug, ignoring the cat under it, makes it even more adorable. Thanks for making me smile.