Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Baby Boy Quilt

Here, finally, is the picture of the baby quilt I made the other week. The mother-to-be had sent me photos of similar quilts, and chose the colour scheme. The blocks finish at 1o inches, and are composed of a 4 inch centre and two strips each of 2 and 4 inches. I used the baptist fan pattern to quilt it. The quilt measures 40" x 50".

Voici la photo de la courte-pointe de bébé que j'avais cousu l'autre semaine. La mère m'avait montré des images de courte-pointes similaires, et choisi les couleurs.
Les carrés mesurent 1o pouces - 25 cm finis. Ils sont composés d'un centre de 4 " - 10 cm entourés de bandes de 2 et 4 pouces - 5 et 10 cm.  La courte-pointe fini a 4o" x 5o" - 1m x 1.25 m.

Dies ist der Babyquilt den ich vor zwei Wochen genäht habe. Die Mutter hatte um das Muster gebeten und die Farben gewählt.
Der Block mißt 25 cm fertig, und ist aus 5cm und 1o cm breiten Streifen um ein 1o cm Quadrat geformt. Der fertige Quilt mißt 1m x 1.25m.


  1. Lovely, Regina! The baptist fan quilting gives great movement to it too!

  2. It's beautiful and the little bit of plaid, gives it a sense of whimsy. The quilting is lovely. What a wonderful quilt for a baby boy.

  3. I really like the colours in that quilt. Baby will love it.

  4. Yes ! He loves it since he was just laying on his back comfortably. He became strong enough to roll on is tummy and get to see and touch it (very soft). Now he can sit on it on play. This item is perfect at home or on the go to keep baby following us everywere gently. Thank you Regina for this marvelous quilt that appears on sooo many pictures ready. We are going to share more happy and cozy moments around it for sure ! xxxx