Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Special Order

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This quilt is for a special little person. Her mother let me make whatever I wanted, but asked for some fabrics to be included in the design (piggies, footprint fabric, bright colours). At the start I was going to make nine-piece blocks for the animals' blankies - quilts on a quilt - but the prints would have been lost on the small pieces.
36"x 48"
The animals are cut from flannel and appliquéd with zig-zag stitching, their faces are machine stitched. Some squares are flannel, some are cotton and the white ground is a cotton/polyester blend. I think the mix makes it interesting for little hands to explore.

The play-mat is mostly from flannels, with a remnant of fleece and some cottons added:
Here is the back, with my dog testing the slumber quality:

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Secret Sewing

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It seems that for a quite a while now I have been doing a lot of sewing, knitting, etc. that for one reason or another is not, or not immediately, blog-able. That trend does seem to continue with my next project. But our local exposition has passed, and I can now show what I made this winter.
This bed runner comes with two pillow shams and is for sale:
bed runner 25" x 82", sham 25" x 32"

One piece asked for was a crazy-quilt table runner, now also for sale:
15" x 46"

A cushion with I-cord edging to try out a new-to-me stitch, quite easy actually:

We asked for knit or crocheted dolls which were judged by the public, mine is knit and will go to a little boy soon, hope he will love him:
11" high

This crocheted cloche hat used up some leftover yarn, it is simply a hexagon that I started in the middle and crocheted without further augmentations once the circumference of the hexagon was the same as my head:

About this crocheted valence I have not much good to say. I don't like to do crochet much at the best of times, and doing it with fine cotton yarn is nowhere near a good time for me. Also I noticed at the end that the start (it is worked sideways) is worked a lot more loosely than the rest. Thankfully I can hide those rows behind the window drape.

Since I had quite a lot of leftover wool yarn I made the crocheted vest that was demanded. For the flowers and leaves I found a pattern, assembled them as best I could, crocheted the back sideways from the middle and added the darker stripes by working chain stitches over the piece. I am very happy that I used wool since the whole thing came out quite crooked but blocked really well. This one is for me!

The slippers were made from a pattern from Grandma Coco's Designs that I bought, by snail mail, long before the internet. That I didn't make them for so long is due to the fact that we are simply not a slipper-wearing family (try slipper-losing). And that I did not follow her instructions and piece them is due to the fact that I only made them for the exposition with no aspiration of winning (I participate because many volunteers work a lot to mount it). I have since then worn them a couple of times for nightly bathroom excursions and they are very comfy.

Although I am not a doily person I very much love this needle-tatted one in variegated blues. The pattern is not demanding, and has enough connection points between the different elements that it was a pleasure to make. I am not yet decided whether it will be for sale....