Thursday, 23 August 2012

Rainy Day finished

Quite appropiately I am announcing the finish of my quilt "Rainy Day" on a rainy day. 
I had the border quilting pattern in my mind, but looked anyway on the web to see if and how somebody had already used a similar idea, and stumbled on the delightful blog Sew Katie Did. She has the nicest rain drops I ever saw.
50" x 62" - 125cm x 150cm
Drôle de coïncidence, je blogge le fini de ma courte-pointe "Jour de Pluie" un jour de pluie (cet été les journée pluvieuses sont rares....).
J'avais en tête le dessin de piquage pour la bordure quand je suis allé chercher sur le net si quelqu'un l'avait déjà utilisé et à quel effet. Je me suis retrouvé sur le beau blog de Sew Katie Did, allez y voir sa courte-pointe avec les plus belles gouttes de pluie.
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Unser Sommer ist so trocken daß es ein Zufall ist daß ich meinen endlich fertigen Quilt "Regentag" an einem Regentag vorzeige.
Das Quiltmotif der Bordüren tanzte schon in meinem Kopf als ich auf dem Netz suchte ob und wie jemand das schon mal verwendet hatte. So fand ich bei Sew Katie Did die schönsten Regentropfen überhaupt.


  1. You've got skills for sure! Lovely quilt.

  2. It looks great all finished up. Now you can work on the next project.

  3. I wondered what all the talk of raindrops was about, thought perhaps you'd posted the wrong picture or changed your mind about how you were going to quilt it, all until I clicked on the quilt picture. Aren't your drops sweet!

  4. I am intrigued with the Childmade's wigit serving as the banner on your blog. I love how when you click on a picture, how that post comes up. Way clever!! I went to the site and she doesn't highlight her php at all. Perhaps she's your friend and that's how you got that software.

  5. Hi Regina, thank you for your nice comment on my TAST post on the EAC blog! Some weeks I spend more time on a TAST challenge stitch than others but it's probably around 4 hours or so but on some of the stitches it might have been only 1. It all depends on what I decide to design with the stitch. It'd be easy just to make a couple of rows but I wanted to do something a bit more creative. Plus if I fall behind I can catch up as time permits or combine a few stitches into one design. Your "Rainy Day" quilt is absolutely fabulous!!

  6. Très jolie, très jolie courtepointe Régina j'aime bien l'idée.