Thursday, 3 January 2013

Happy New Year

To finish the year in beauty, and start the new year a bit less weighted down by u.f.o.'s I finished the first pair of mittens from this knitpicks kit.

Pour pouvoir finir 2012 en beauté, et commencer 2013 un peu moins encombré de projets non finis j'ai terminé la première paire de mitaines de cette série 

Dies ist das erste Paar dieses Fäustling-Kits. Ich hoffe 2013 wird lang genug sein daß ich ein paar andere davon fertig bekomme......


  1. Love the colours. Very nice mitts.

  2. mitts are always handy (hahah) to have around. I love home crafted mittens!

  3. Those are beautiful. I made a pair that I gave away, but I got a book with lots of this kind of mitts in it. I've bought the wool for a pair.

  4. I bought this same kit as my younger sister reminded me that years ago I promised to knit her some mitts. When she was her at Christmas she decided which pair she wanted. Now to start the knitting. Hope mine turn out as well,.