Thursday, 14 March 2013

Fuss-free Mug-rugs

This may be widely known in the quilting world, but I just had this idea yesterday: if one turns Dresden Plate mug-rugs to the right side (after having stitched them all around to their backing and batting) through the hole in the middle then they don't require any hand stitching to finish. I first quilted them, and then appliqued the circle with a small zig-zag stitch - and then they where all finished!

Voici une manière rapide de faire des napperons à café sans finition à main. Comme les photos le montrent, je les ai tourné à l'endroit à travers le trou du milieu. Après avoir piqué le napperon il ne me restait qu'à appliquer le cercle avec un point de zig-zag étroit.

Diese Kaffeedeckchen kann man schnell und einfach ohne Handnähen machen wenn man den Quiltblock zuerst auf die Quiltwatte und den Rückenstoff näht, und die drei Lagen dann durch das Loch in der Mitte auf die rechte Seite dreht. Dann bleibt nur noch ein bißchen quilten, und den Zirkel mit schmalem Zickzackstich zu applizieren. Schon fertig!


  1. Very smart. It didn't occur to me either. I was even wondering how you covered the hole on the back, but your photos clearly illustrated that. Thanks.

  2. I was just thinking of putting the dresden plate design on a square so I wouldn't have to close a curved edge and now you have given me a solution that is quick and easy and "outside the box" as they say! Thanks!

  3. Oh how I love to read Deutsch! That is a very pretty way to do dresdens - Schon
    : )


  4. These are so cute! Love them.

  5. That's an awesome idea for using Dresdens! They'd make great little pot holders too, if you put in enough padding/insulating stuff.