Thursday, 29 January 2015

Pincushion Contest

Head on over to Grandma Coco's Designs to read about a nifty little pincushion contest! I hope many will play with us, just for the fun of creating and sharing. Here, as an inspiration, is my first entry, an oldie but a goodie (free!) from Quiltmaker.

Chez Grandma Coco's Designs il y a un petit concours de coussins porte-épingles. Pas besoin d'envoyer nos créations, alors pas cher en frais d'envoi. On peut y participer plusieurs fois, ma photo montre mon premier coussinet, un patron gratuit de Quiltmaker.

Da gibt es einen netten kleinen Nadelkissen-Wettbewerb bei  Grandma Coco's Designs. Man darf mehrmals teilnehmen, und braucht nicht das Kunstwerk zu senden, sondern nur Bilder, also keine Postgebühren.
Das Foto zeigt mein erstes Kissen, die Anleitung (gratis!) ist von Quiltmaker.


  1. I haven't seen that pin cushion pattern before. it looks very nice. I'll have to pop over to Grandma Coco's and see what she's up to.

  2. thanks for the heads up on grandma coco's pincushion challenge! love the idea! and that pincushion you made must be from a few issues back, i don't remember seeing it before, but you did a great job on it!